Hi there! My name is Christine and I am the talent of Eclectic Media. I’m formerly from Ohio, but recently moved to Buckeye, AZ (guess I had to keep something familiar from Ohio – The Buckeye State).

I have a long list of experiences, a passion for Art and Music in many forms, and a great sense of humor (at least I think so).

After a number of years (I won’t say exactly how many) working in the Financial Industry as a Business Analyst/Project Manager; I decided it was time to seriously pursue my artistic passions.

A lot of soul searching was brought on by the passing of my Mother; who left us too early in 2011. She was always my biggest fan, cheerleader, promoter and inspiration.  Although her profession was Nursing (which I guess could be considered an ‘Art form’ as well), she was very artistic and I believe is where I got most of my natural talent.   After she retired, she dabbled in watercolor, Chinese painting, pencil drawing, crochet, knitting… you name it – she wanted to try it!

Since I have always been artistic; and technically inclined as well,  I decided that Graphic Design was a logical path to pursue.  Along the way, I’ve also become passionate about Web-Design and Photography.

My business experience along with artistic talent, allows me to provide great products and insight for whatever your design needs may be.  I definitely don’t know everything (but who does).  Always eager to learn, constantly experimenting with the new ideas; I work with my clients to help them achieve their dreams as I am achieving mine!

To finish… I’ll leave you with my favorite quote.. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take; but by the moments that take your breath away!”

So, let me create a moment and design; that will take your breath away!